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Endless accumulation of clothing that has no future cycling ability is ultimately buried in the ground or burned (approximately 80%). This data is very difficult for me to ignore. Therefore, in creating the new collection I set the goal of being more attentive to the environment. 

During my recent trip to Brazil, I became acquainted with new and advanced technologies by the Brazilian company Santaconstancia, which has set the goal of optimizing, improving and conserving energy, and acting towards environmental quality. It is this company that I have chosen to work with for creating the current collection! Combining and connecting between the 'right' models and soft, pleasant and comfortable fabrics that allow for maximum movement ability during training - all in conjunction with environmental preservation - forms a winning combination for me. This spirit is reflected in the labels Sta® and CO2Control®, and are the hallmark of fabrics created in manufacturing processes that take earth and the environment into account, such as sustainable use of industrial water in the process of dyeing and printing of fabrics, allowing for reuse and avoidance of consumption of drinking water, as well as the total lack of use of products which are harmful to the human skin. The process is controlled by an internationally recognized Oeko-Tex® certified lab. The manufacturing processes are monitorable, make use of non-toxic agriculture and form global pioneering in the development of Amni Soul Eco - a biodegradable nylon yarn and consumable synthetic materials. A technology developed in cooperation with the Japanese company Ichimura Sangyo, enables, under certain conditions, to transform waste into fertilizer. Santaconstancia also had the opportunity of becoming a global pioneer in using this new raw material in fashion and sports fabrics. Decomposition that had previously taken decades, now reaches 50% disintegration within the first year, and three years later it reaches full disintegration in turning into fertilizer. 

How excited I am to put this spirit and awareness into my new collection!