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Terms and Conditions

1. The Body Talk website, (hereinafter: “The Site”) serves as a virtual store for the sale of activewear under the ownership of Ms. Hani Sade from Moshav Hadar Am, Israel, postal address:  Habazir 7  St., Hadar Am, postal code 4293500.

2. It is forbidden to copy,  reproduce, distribute, sell, market, or execute any other action on the models, patterns, design items, pictures, etc. displayed on the website without receiving hsBody Talk’s prior authorization in writing.

3. All the textual contents,  and the pictures on the website, including graphics, design, trademarks, logo marks, etc., are exclusive property of hsBodyTalk and it is forbidden to copy, reproduce, distribute, sell, market, and translate any information  from the website without receiving hsBodyTalk’s prior authorization in writing.

4. Purchases on the website are governed solely by Israeli law.

5. All the pictures displayed  on the website are intended for illustration/impression purposes only.

6. hsBodyTalk commits itself to do everything in its power to ensure that the products published on the website actually exist in stock; however, it will bear no responsibility and pay no damages for products that are out of stock, except for payment refunds if payment was executed.

7. hsBody Talk will deliver the  items ordered through the website within 21 days from the date of  purchase, provided that the order contains full and correct data and that payment was executed.  hsBody Talk  will bear no responsibility for non-delivery due to provision of erroneous data and/or to acts of God that prevent delivery.  In no case will an order be supplied   prior to the execution and confirmation of payment.

8. hsBody Talk reserves the right  to not authorize an order for any reason whatsoever and at its sole  discretion, without this requiring payment of any compensation to the person  placing the order.

9. Defective products and/or products supplied in the wrong size will be exchanged subject to the return of the products to hsBody Talk in their original condition and original  packaging within 14 days accompanied by the purchase invoice.

10. Order cancellations within 14 days from the date of order are subject to the return of the products  in their original condition and original packaging accompanied by the   original purchase invoice. Payment will be refunded following deduction of refund fees and expenses as set out under law. The person who placed the order will be paid by crediting the credit card through which payment was made.

11. In case of any question, mishap, problem, clarification, etc., hsBody Talk can be contacted at the .

12. hsBody Talk does not keep customer data with the exception of name and e-mail address to the end of sending information or a newsletter on behalf of the website, and these will be sent at no cost to every person who placed an order. Any person who asks to be removed from  the distribution list will be immediately deleted therefrom