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Lotus Legging - Urban

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•       Flexible
•       Soft
•       Breathable
•       Vaporizing
•       Does not absorb sweat odors
•       Quick drying
•       UV 50 sunscreen protection
•       Does not fade
•       Does not shrink
•       Ecological

Sizes:  S/M/L/XL/XXL

Laundry: Gentle machine wash, 300 with no softener. Dry in shade.

Comes in 3 spectacular prints. High waist band, outer seams that create a particularly flattering silhouette. Long cut, delicate and interesting opening at the back and bottom of the tights.

Suitable for high or low impact sports activities.

A young, slimming and sporty look.

Suitable for yoga, Pilates, gym, dancing, running and anything in between.

A second skin sensation. Like walking with and feeling without.

Maximum comfort and flexibility during training.  

Brazilian eco-sports fabrics manufactured in a unique technology

Sta® CO2Control labeled

The fabric is breathable, vaporizing, quick drying, does not fade, does not shrink and does not absorb sweat odors

UV 50 sunscreen protection

90% Polyamide
10% Elastane