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Sports Bra - Rose - Doted

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•       Flexible
•       Soft
•       Breathable
•       Vaporizing
•       Does not absorb sweat odors
•       Quick drying
•       UV 50 sunscreen protection
•       Does not fade
•       Does not shrink
•       Ecological

Sizes: S/M/L

Laundry: Gentle machine wash, 300 with no softener. Dry in shade.

A sports bra with wide and supportive straps, removable cup.

X back, suitable for low or high impact functional and anaerobic training such as: yoga, Pilates, dancing, running, gym.

Tip for choosing the right bra - the bra should be tight, fit exactly the size of your chest, but at the same time allows breathing. The more the bra restricts the movement of the chest, the more suitable it is.

Brazilian eco-sports fabrics manufactured in a unique technology.

Labeled Sta ® CO2Control

The fabric is breathable, vaporizing, quick drying, does not fade, does not shrink and does not absorb sweat odors

UV 50 sunscreen protection

90% Polyamide
10% Elastane