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Long sleeve shirt – Bell - Cream

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sizes מידות

•       Soft
•       Very light
•       Breathable
•       Flexible
•       Quick drying
•       Does not shrink
•       Ecological

Sizes: S/M/L/XL

Laundry: Gentle machine wash, 300 with no softener. Dry in shade.

When the days are a bit cooler and you want to wear a thin, light shirt, you will find this classic model perfect for you.

For a casual everyday look.

Long sleeves, round neck and puffy sleeves in a romantic look.

This fabric is soft, light as a feather and caresses the body. It is breathable, quick drying and does not lose shape. This sounds perfect, right?

It is 100% natural and has a very high moisture capacity. The fabric production process is ecological as well – it is made from beech fiber cellulose and is fully biodegradable. Water is conserved during production. It is Eco-friendly through water and energy savings.

Eco-Label European certified

Fabric type: MODAL

92% Modal
8% Elastane