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Sports tank top – Wings - Yellow

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•       Flexible
•       Soft
•       Breathable
•       Vaporizing
•       Does not absorb sweat odors
•       Quick drying
•       UV 50 sunscreen protection
•       Does not fade
•       Does not shrink
•       Ecological

Sizes:  S/M/L

Laundry: Gentle machine wash, 300 with no softener. Dry in shade.

When you walk into the gym and get on the conveyor belt you want clothes that will form part of your workout routine.

You want breathable fabrics, comfort, seams that cannot be felt, you want maximum efficiency.

Our sports tank top will meet all your expectations.

Suitable for yoga, Pilates, gym, dancing and running.

Brazilian eco-sports fabrics manufactures in a unique technology.

Sta® CO2 Control Labeled.

The fabric is breathable, vaporizing, quick drying, does not fade, does not shrink and does not absorb sweat odors.

UV 50 sunscreen protection.

90% Polyamide
10% Elastane